Dom Joly

Narrator - Theatre Royal Brighton / Sunderland Empire/ Milton Keynes Theatre / New Wimbledon Theatre, London / New Victoria Theatre, Woking/ Mayflower, Southampton/ Bristol Hippodrome

Dom Joly

Dom Joly is a multi-award winning British comedian and writer. His smash hit hidden camera series Trigger Happy TV re-defined the genre and was a primetime UK hit- selling to over 80 countries around the world and had a spin-off series on Comedy Central USA. He also made World Shut Your Mouth and This is Dom Joly for the BBC as well as Fool Britannia- a prime-time comedy show for ITV. He recently brought back an updated and brand-new series of Trigger Happy to huge acclaim for All4 and Channel 4

He is also developing a sitcom (FTK) from his pilot script recently optioned by seasoned comedy proucer Mark Freeland at Working Title TV. His podcast- Earwom that has topped the comedy charts.

But Dom is not just a man who shouts into big cell phones, or crosses the street very slowly dressed as a giant snail.

He is a former diplomat and political producer turned columnist and award-winning travel writer. He has written extensively for the Sunday Times, The Independent, The Mail on Sunday and many, many other newspapers and magazines.  

He has a pedigree in TV travel shows as well. In 2018 he travelled the globe for Warner Brothers making a major series called “How Beer Changed The World.” He has also made the cult travel shows Dom Joly’s Happy Hour and Dom Joly’s Excellent Adventure for Sky One in which he respectively travelled the world drinking too much and did a mammoth road trip through Lebanon and Syria. 

He has written several successful travel books including The Dark Tourist in which he vacationed in some of the world’s most dangerous places. He went on a coach tour of North Korea, enjoyed a skiing holiday in Iran and spent a weekend in Chernobyl.

He also wrote Scary Monsters and Super Creeps in which he became a Monster Hunter ad attempted to find The Mkele Mbembe (Blocker of rivers) a legendary monster that supposedly inhabits the remote Lake Tele in the Congo. He also walked to Everest Base Camp in search of the Yeti and got shot at in Northern California while hunting Bigfoot. 

Dom has adventure in his blood- his latest book The Hezbollah Hiking Club in which he walks the length of Lebanon with two friends is out in 2019.