devilishly naughty, and undeniably funny

The Argus, Brighton (Dec 2015)

To an extent, you know what you’re getting with The Rocky Horror Show. 

Swarms of enthusiastic fans clad in suspenders and sparkly top hats pulsed in the foyer of the Theatre Royal, and from the very beginning, the cult followers shouted back their responses to familiar lines. 

It’s a musical that demands participation, and this evening’s performance had the audience stood up in their seats within only a few minutes.

Because of its long-standing reputation, The Rocky Horror  Show needs to be performed well. 

Coping with heckles and shouts goes with the roles of Brad, Janet, and Frank, and the actors skilfully balanced bawdiness with professionalism. 

Diana Vickers played the role of wholesome, earnest Janet perfectly, with a wide-eyed innocence and camp melodrama. 

Of course, the biggest roars of appreciation were saved for camp antihero Frank N Furter, who was played to perfection by Liam Tamne, displaying confident swagger with just the right amount of nods and winks to the crowd. 

The performance was held together by an extremely well-designed set, great costumes and a soundtrack that was just as well received as it was decades ago when it was devised. 

Classic, devilishly naughty, and undeniably funny, this is a show to get stuck into.